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The Euro-Asia DBA Programme Mission

Bring together three elite institutions of Business and Management to offer global business executives the opportunity to critically reflect on their careers by developing theoretically-based, applied business and organizational research skills in a thoroughly international environment.

Promoting profound cultural diversity at the core of the venture and drawing strength from the expertise of both world-class faculty and participants, the EA-DBA is the chance for experienced managers to practically apply acquired knowledge and to transform these skills in a supportive, innovative and academically rigorous environment.


  • Educate experienced managers for leadership positions in business, academia and public service.
  • Afford business executives the opportunity to combine doctoral studies with a full-time occupation.
  • Create an intellectually-rich programme which blends in-class training, independently researched and authored deliverables, and mentoring relationships with faculty in an international context.
  • Confront business and management issues directly applicable and of the utmost relevance in the modern business context.
  • Offer international business executives direct access to and close support of the expertise and cultural diversity of selected faculty members of the highest calibre.
  • Ensure the production and defence of a unique and important body of original research: the doctoral dissertation.
  • Guarantee that all graduates are globally aware, ethically motivated, socially responsible, and well prepared to function in an analytical, model-based and information-intensive environment.